President Keith Gardner of the North Rose Lions Club introduced Mark DeCracker at their dinner meeting March 14, 2012 at Skippers Landing. Mark is an enthusiastic, dedicated and tireless worker for the Forever Wild nature program.

The Arizona State graduate and resident of Lyons believes that all people have a right to enjoy nature. Mark presented a power point program on his current nature programs. He stated that you do not see kids playing baseball on their own anymore. In his day, the kids would be out till the dinner bell rang. A love of nature might help to change things for our young people. We want to open the outdoors to everyone so that we have future generations of nature lovers.

The Huckleberry Swamp Trail in North Rose was opened June 2011 and is a Forever Wild trail. It is a mile long boardwalk that is easily accessed by strollers and wheel chairs. Mark is currently working on a trail in Lyons which is being converted "from a dirt pile to a dream" on the current Lyons Community Center grounds. Many different groups are helping to make his dream a reality. Children have planted flowers and shrubs; Wal-Mart and Seneca Meadows have given donations; Phelps Cement has given pavers, Paul Stoep gravel, Santo Montemorando stones, Butch's Handyman Service Bobcat, Secor Lumber has donated lumber for the covered bridge. The list goes on and on.

Mark has involved the young children in planting butterfly bushes and herbs. They like getting their hands dirty. He has a YouTube presentation. The Lyons trail will be dedicated to Leann Henry and Jim Tuscher and is halfway to completion.



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